Average Number of Transactions Daily

While the goal of every trader is to buy cheap to sell dear, another factor to consider is the average number of transactions daily, weekly or monthly to make. If the number of daily transactions is too high ("scalping"), the business may end up being much less profitable than expected because all the brokers charge their clients a commission on each transaction, which could end up consuming gains in the month and end up being a counterproductive approach.

That course, depend on the spread (difference between required and the purchase value of sales) earned by the broker and the percentage of profits generated each month. A small, 1 pip spread allows a greater number of transactions per month, but is that the copper broker between 2 and 4 pips per transaction.

Moreover, if the number of transactions in the week is too small, it runs the risk that the trader does not react timely against a negative change in market trends by generating a loss greater than desired. A good number is between 12 and 30 transactions per month.

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