5 Criteria to Choose Qualified Forex Broker

Forex market became so big because it guarantees the future of the investment promised. But to be successful in Forex Trading, you must have a Broker. There are 5 criteria that you can consider choosing qualified Forex Broker:
  1. Greater Leverage. Leverage is a double-edged sword. Can help you gain considerable, and could cause huge losses. Therefore, as Forex traders, we use the leverage to obtain profits through the art of the Winning Edge. Gain through a limited capital is very difficult, even when it hits you the trend in the currency market. That's why you need a broker that provides leverage to operate in this way effectively in the currency market. Naturally, higher leverage means better opportunities for you. Some brokers offer 100:1 leverage, meaning that for every dollar in your account, you can borrow and use up to $ 100. Other brokers offer up to 250:1. Therefore, when choosing a broker, taking into account the leverage it provides, since it could be your ally to win big.
  2. Types of Account. A broker can offer different types of accounts. Usually, the accounts "Mini", require a minimum margin or equity that could be $ 250 and up. With this type of account, you can operate in forex but the leverage is lower. There is another type of account called "Standard", which requires at least $ 2000. This type of account you open forex positions with larger size. Of course a "premium" will allow the opening of further positions.
  3. Real-time information. Many Forex brokers offer real-time information through the use of platforms. This could save you money if it receives information in real time through paid subscriptions.
  4. Graphics Tools. A number of brokers Forex technical analysis and provide tailored information regarding economic indicators. You may have this information it is not very useful for business. To use the technique of the Winning Edge Forex System, you must use a commercial platform. Indicators Winning Edge Forex System were developed to be used by a platform. To operate using the technique of Winning Edge Forex System requires a Trade Station or trading platforms.
  5. Avoid so-called brokers or Snipers Hunters. These brokers tend to buy or sell based on predetermined points. Usually perform these maneuvers to increase profits, avoid this type of runners. But to know these corridors should be reported and interact with other players online or through forums.

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