11 Reason to Choosing Forex Managed Account

Forex Managed Account PictureOne of the keys to this business, especially when it comes to forex managed accounts, is to have professional traders, using a clear strategy, effective and to generate good results in the medium to long term.

The more information the investor can obtain from the trader is more likely to find their Forex managed accounts are profitable.

Because the Forex market is highly volatile, many traders are refusing to release information by arguing that historical past results do not guarantee future results thereof. That is why investors insist on the application to better understand the trading strategy that will be used with its capital, to assess the risks involved and define the flexibility and adaptability of the trader against unexpected changes in market trends .

The basic information that every investor should ask include the following points, which will then be explained in more detail:
  1. Years of experience of the trader in the currency market.
  2. Percentage of the account that is invested (risked) in each transaction.
  3. Leverage used.
  4. Percentage of successful transactions in its history.
  5. Ratio between gains and losses.
  6. Number of transactions conducted daily or weekly.
  7. Traded currency pairs.
  8. "Stop loss" and "limits" used.
  9. Broker and independent accredited with which it operates.
  10. Trading Systems used.
  11. Type of fee charged by the trader.

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